Waterfront planning needs a serious look

Lack of professional urban planning a common problem in Canada, says reader

Thanks Jean Sparks for your thoughts (Letters, June 20).

The absence or lack of professional urban planning is common in this country. Although often located in extraordinary settings, Canadian cities are often ordinary and fail to live to their potential.

In Oak Bay, our waterfront and beaches are our most valuable assets. What we do and do not do with them speaks volumes about where we are as a society.

At this point, our waterfront infrastructure is semi-moribund and the way we use our waterfront is often thoughtless or at best, an afterthought.

Yet, somehow, despite the current levels of pollution and degradation, we still have one of the most  beautiful waterfronts in Canada, scenery, wildlife, sunshine and all.

Time has come to give it a serious, professional thought.

Jacques Sirois

Oak Bay