Watchdogs bypass voters

Someone certainly needs to keep an eye on these unelected vigilantes

I’m thinking of starting a group called “Oak Bay Watch Watch.”

Someone certainly needs to keep an eye on these unelected vigilantes, who seem to have granted themselves some kind of special status as the suspicious, xenophobic and openly mistrustful watchdog over our duly elected municipal representatives. It’s alarming to see the rise of such a group, who can make great mischief without having to go through the fuss and inconvenience of being elected.

I feel sorry for our council members, who are constantly being made out to be somehow nefarious, witless or irresponsible. It’s a hard enough job without having to worry how every statement or decision is going to be bent and spun by this tiny clique.

When we vote, we put our faith in our neighbours’ ability to choose, and we trust the system by which our councils are elected. Oak Bay Watch seems somewhat offended by this, and in doing so they deserve our censure.

In such a simple, connected, transparent and intelligent community, there is no need for this kind of divisive gaming.


David Wilkinson


Oak Bay