Uplands heartbreak for car fan

Broken heart part deux!

Being an automobile enthusiast, I was pretty heartbroken when the Sears Auto Centre shut down.

As most of my auto collection consists of foreign cars, I did not always avail myself of their mechanics but found enough spare parts to keep me going.

About two months ago, as I was driving south on Lansdowne Road below Cadboro Bay Road, I thought I saw a miracle as there was another auto centre being built. Or so I thought until recently when I discovered it was a private residence.

Broken heart part deux!

Maybe it is owned by a former Sears employee who missed the old shop so much he had to replicate it?

It is however, a perfect example of the type of housing that council seems to be permitting in staid old Uplands.

Looking on the bright side, maybe in 100 or so years my great grandchildren will know it as a character home. If it lasts that long.

Robert Laidlaw

Oak Bay