Rowdy seniors rude to council

They demanded that at the drop of a hat, the rules and laws should be overturned

I was at the June 11 council meeting at Oak Bay municipal hall and what I witnessed is difficult to describe.

Basically, a self-appointed architectural watch-dog group (without an architect among them) of approximately 30 angry seniors turned – what started out as a pretty reasonable presentation of a pretty reasonable cause – into an absolute sham.

They demanded that at the drop of a hat, the rules and laws governing approximately 20,000 citizens, the same rules and laws of municipal legislative good governance that provide security and order from coast to coast, should be overturned in front of our very eyes – that night – to fit their agenda.

Their lack of respect for those in council chamber and their rowdy behavior was appalling – cringe-inducing – like spoiled children screaming for ice cream.

Kudos to the mayor and council for reminding this loud angry mob that our world is run by deliberation not desperation, and that if a bylaw needs changing it will be the result of a study of facts and not overblown fears of falling skies.

Chris Foyd

Oak Bay