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Report lost in shuffle

CRD slips deer report through without giving notice to those persons who wanted to present

After the deer cull we were told by the mayor that an update report would be presented to the CRD. The meeting with the Planning, Transportation and Protection Services of the CRD was initially slated for April 22 but the CRD postponed it until May 27.

Various deer advocates had planned to attend first on April 22 and then on the May 27 to give a different perspective. For whatever reason the report date was changed and it was presented to the CRD board earlier on May 13.

There was little notice of this change so that many did not realize the report was on the May 13 agenda (and was accepted by the CRD board). When people went to the CRD to have their names listed as presenters for the May 27 meeting, they were told the meeting had been cancelled.

Its interesting that this deer report “slipped through” so quietly without giving notice to those deer persons (myself included) who wanted to present.

William Jesse

Oak Bay