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Referendum question twists things around

Re: HST referendum dates set (News, April 15)

The B.C. Liberals are finally setting a date for the HST referendum, moving it ahead a few months from the date set by then-premier Campbell.

Citizens can vote on June 13, but the question we are being asked is, “Are you in favour of extinguishing the HST?” This surely is a most underhanded way to confuse us, since up until now the whole campaign around the HST, by all opposed to it, was to encourage us to say no.

Now we must switch our minds 180 degrees if we are opposed to it by voting ‘yes’ to extinguishing the HST. Isn’t this typical of the way the current provincial government attempts to confuse and disorient us all?

The majority of us won’t be fooled by this sleight-of-hand and will reject the HST, and maybe in future demand that the provincial government returns us to a more progressive taxation policy.

This would require reducing or eliminating most sales taxes and replacing them with income taxes based on our ability to pay. Is any political party prepared to offer such a perspective?

Dale Perkins