Reader makes a case for action on deer removal

Cities are not the place for deer

Clearly those “pro” deer people living amongst us don’t have the deer costing them a great deal of money and aggravation.

Cities are not for wild animals. Like animals, humans have a place to live: cities. We live in Oak Bay, part of Greater Victoria. If we want wild animals we would move to non-city environments.

Deer propagate annually and after one year reject their young. Thus, deer populations are invasive in areas such as Oak Bay.

Deer eat flowers and buds and in winter, spring and fall, they will eat virtually anything and everything. They carry ticks, which carry Lyme disease – the bugs can get onto household pets and then to humans, along with potential for the disease.

As stated in the Oak Bay News on Sept. 7, this disease produces, “… debilitating symptoms, including neurological symptoms, joint problems and sometimes cardiac problems.” This disease appears to not be covered by our Medical Services Plan. It is very dangerous and very hard and expensive to cure.

We present a beautiful garden for many onlookers. Annually, deer voraciously eat our plants and vegetables, costing hundreds of dollars. They are here several times a day, even eating flowers on our doorstep.

They defecate on our vegetable garden and other areas. They lay down on our gardens and grasses, where our cat can pickup the ticks.

Deer don’t belong in cities and should be removed. If deer were replaced by cougars, elephants, wolves or other more fearful animals, the “pros” would surely agree to removal. It is time for governing bodies to deal with the issue.

John Bowron

Oak Bay