No game plan needed

What is this beautiful neighbourhood of Oak Bay coming to?

What is this beautiful neighbourhood of Oak Bay coming to?

I have just had a flyer stuck in my mailbox urging me to attend a “game planning meeting” regarding development on Monterey Avenue. “No, I am not mad as ______”.

I happen to live in one of the older homes in the area, but am willing to bet dollars to doughnuts this flyer would not have been dropped off at my previous “modern” home in Oak Bay, or at any of the other nice newer homes in the neighbourhood.

As Oak Bay Mayor Nils Jensen has already stated, the development meets all the guidelines, and the persons wanting to build their new home, are allowed to choose whatever architectural design they wish.

Some neighbours feel that the design is not “in keeping” with the traditional flavour of the area.

Do these same people renounce the newly designed vehicles they themselves drive, or the new appliances and computers in their 75-plus year old homes? Do these new fangled objects they place in their homes not undermine the integrity of their “historical and heritage” properties? Do their neighbours dictate the clothes they should wear, or the way they decorate their homes or what their paint colour should be?

Oak Bay has a wide range of architectural styles that have emerged as the district grew from its first smattering of residences.

Oak Bay is a wonderful district to live in for many reasons, therefore, it draws other like-minded people who want to add to the great lifestyle we enjoy.

If you want to live in an architecturally homogenous neighbourhood, there are other districts in the Greater Victoria area that promote that kind of restrictive building, buy a house there.

Let’s start embracing the variety and improvements that new design and technology can offer. Last I checked, we are living in a democratic society where freedom of expression is allowed.

There is no “game-planning” required – there are bylaws and guidelines already in place for any and all new developments in Oak Bay – and they do not include restricting architectural style.

M. Hamilton

Oak Bay