No excuse for cull

Mr. Mayor your excuses are worn out and weak

In a recent front page story in the Times Colonist, the mayor of Oak Bay in his defence of having a deer cull again showed concern for children being afraid to play in their yards and deer feces in the parks.

Mr. Mayor your excuses are worn out and weak. My grandchildren play in my yard often with neighbouring children who are almost always out in their yards. Do their parents keep them in because a deer might appear? They think that excuse is really inane.

I walk my dogs in Uplands Park and occasionally Windsor Park, and deer feces? Get a grip please, sir. There are piles of dog poop in Uplands Park and yet the deer poop is more of a concern.

You also mentioned two dog attacks by deer. That is horrific to your way of thinking. My neighbour’s cat was struck and killed by a car. But then maybe it was a deer.

We voted for the mayor twice now and this term for four of the six sitting councillors based on common sense, but we sure were fooled. It will a long time before the next election but we know whom we will not vote for.

Dorothy Rogers


Oak Bay