Mayors-only debate needed before election

All-candidates meetings didn't offer enough chance to question Oak Bay mayoral candidates

Having attended last Tuesday night’s all-candidates meeting at Emmanuel Baptist Church, I am convinced that we need a similar process for the two mayoral candidates.

The format on Nov. 8 allowed for three questions directed towards candidates for council for every one question directed towards the mayoral candidates.

Not surprisingly, even with a two-hour format, that left little time for voters to hear from Mr. Jensen and Ms. Braithwaite.

Moreover, the evening’s agenda seemed to be dominated by residents in the vicinity of Oak Bay Lodge, who are understandably upset with the scale of that development.

However, it should be noted that there are many other decisions and issues facing Oak Bay, such as sewage, policing, active transportation, deer, even the redevelopment of Oak Bay High.

All of these are issues that have local resonance, but are in large measure affected by decisions outside the municipality, mostly at the regional level.

I wanted to hear from the two mayoral candidates about their experiences providing leadership regionally and how they would represent Oak Bay at the Capital Regional District’s table.

We deserve an opportunity to hear from them on the full range of subjects that are important to residents.

C. Hubberstey

Oak Bay