Mayor thanks residents for 15 years of memories

Christopher Causton thanks the people of Oak Bay as he prepares to leave office after 15 years

As I approach the final weeks of my last term in office, I want to express my gratitude to the citizens of Oak Bay for the opportunity of serving as your mayor for the last 15 years.

Over that time I believe that Oak Bay has grown and changed for the better … emerging from behind the ‘tweed curtain’ to become a more diverse and vibrant community, welcoming newcomers while providing housing for those who wouldn’t live anywhere else, creating dynamic neighbourhood high streets and upgrading recreation services for individuals and families across the age spectrum.

As mayor, I have also had the privilege of working on numerous regional and provincial projects in order to ensure, along with my colleagues on council, that Oak Bay has a voice in wider issues that impact us and that we take our responsibilities to our neighbouring communities and the Capital Region seriously.

Of course there have been challenges, and change and growth have not always come easily. Building consensus, making sure that the loudest voices were not the only voices to be heard, facilitating positive changes while responding to concerns about maintaining Oak Bay’s unique character, and always looking for ways to engage more of the community in shared activities and local events … these have been my goals as mayor and I hope they will be my legacy.

For 15 years, I have had both the pleasure and privilege of working with excellent councils and outstanding municipal staff and I wish them all the very best.

On Nov. 19 as citizens of Oak Bay you will have an opportunity to elect both a mayor and council to lead the municipality in times in which challenging fiscal realities will impact every decision. I urge you to vote and to remain involved in the future of your community.

As you know, I love Oak Bay and my wife Elizabeth and I plan to stay here and continue to be active members of this community that we have called home for more than 25 years.

And so to all of you, I say thank you and all the very best.

Christopher Causton is the departing mayor of Oak Bay.