Lodge timely, necessary

this group distorts and disseminates half-truths about other new homes being constructed

It really is a shame that a vocal group of naysayers in the neighbourhood of Oak Bay have selected themselves to be the pillars of righteousness and entitlement.

First it singles out peaceful citizens of the area, picketing one of the nicest modern homes in the district.

Then this group distorts and disseminates half-truths about other new homes being constructed, even though the homes have been built to Oak Bay’s strict height, size and lot coverage guidelines. Unfortunately, this generates publicity and press coverage for their skewed NIMBY strategies.

After complaining about trees being removed for construction, they have the audacity to paper the neighbourhood with flyers on power poles and in my mailbox – no thanks, save those trees for your propoganda campaign.

It now appears their next target is the proposed care facility (Oak Bay Lodge). I say this based upon the huge number of power poles plastered with paper announcing obvious objections, and half-truths about the lodge.

Do these folks not understand that we have to plan for the future – that facilities like the lodge will be in high demand in a few short years? Perhaps even some of the NIMBY group would appreciate remaining in their own neighbourhood to receive care for themselves or their parents?

Our aging population is a fact. Delaying or negating preparations for the onslaught of care that will be needed, in no uncertain terms, is a mistake.

Please wake up people, and take a thoughtful and caring look at your deceptive approach and how you perceive Oak Bay and your neighbours.

Let’s not give the rest of the world the impression there really are a bunch of bigots living behind the tweed curtain.

I.M. Hamilton

Oak Bay