Letter: Team suspension the wrong call

Ending of the basketball season for all is excessive

The Oak Bay school administrators decided to cancel their junior boys’ basketball team’s season due to a couple or more’s stupidity.

I would like to take this opportunity to say this decision was excessive and I also for one, do not commend their action.

Suspension of the perpetuators themselves would be more appropriate. Counselling or lecture of the remaining team members would be sufficient to bring home to them that being a bystander to bullying is not right.

I somehow doubt whether any good at all will come of this. Certainly due to the team members playing the bystander role they received direct and real consequences.

But one has to ask what far-reaching ramifications might occur if future references are considered. Collegiate scholarships? Some of these players are extremely good, evidenced by the team’s stellar season leading into the playoffs.

Regarding the remaining team members’ future, I have to say this action of cancelling the team’s season went too far.

Chris Garrett-Petts

Oak Bay