Letter: Speed bumps an easy safety solution

Council must address Granite, McNeill speed before serious injury occurs

Having reviewed all the letters regarding the speed problem in Oak Bay we see many suggestions as to the solutions: from police presence to planters and roundabouts to regulations  as well as speed bumps to shrubbery.

All these ideas come from concerned residents who see first hand the dangerous speeding that takes place especially on Granite and McNeill which have been consciously designated as high traffic routes by the District of Oak Bay.

These decisions were made at the board room level by mayors and council present and past. These decisions place certain citizens at risk along these roadways.

The obvious and most viable solution to this problem, being unsafe streets, is to place three speed bumps along Granite Street between Hampshire and Foul Bay and three or four speed bumps along McNeill. Speeds should be limited to 30km/h; 40km/h is too fast for any street in this area.

This is a risk management and mitigation solution, it’s easy and cost effective and can be implemented within one month.

If mayor and council can’t solve such a simple problem today, perhaps another career is imminent.

I reiterate the last paragraph of the letter from D.J. Agar.

The time has come for the Oak Bay council and its agencies to put the safety of its residents on the agenda and deal with this issue, before it is too late.

What Agar means, I think, is before someone is killed. It’s just a matter of time.

Brian Davis

Oak Bay