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Letter: Sno’uyutth support appreciated

News understands the value of getting the word out to community

As co-leader of the Community Association of Oak Bay’s Sno’uyutth Pole Project, I’d like to thank the Oak Bay News for the kind words in your Nov. 25 editorial and all the support the newspaper provided our volunteer organization’s efforts over the last 18 months.

As a semi-retired newspaperman, I really appreciate how the Oak Bay News understands the value of getting the word out to its readers on positive, progressive projects in the community like CAOB’s Sno’uyutth Pole. You really stepped up and helped lead the way to the conclusion of this historic project.

You’ve also continued in this vein by supporting my next project with the Oak Bay Rotary Club Foundation, the Dec. 12 Frank Sinatra 100th Birthday Benefit Concert starring local jazz great Joe Coughlin and the Vancouver Island All-Star Big Band at the new Oak Bay High community theatre.

All funds from this once-in-a-lifetime event will go to the Oak Bay Rotary Club Foundation’s Sno’uyutth Legacy Fund, an endowment for post-secondary education scholarships for indigenous students graduating from Oak Bay High. Sno’uyutth means “spreading good energy”, and the Oak Bay News embodies the Sno’uyutth spirit.

Keep spreading the good energy and thanks for all you do.

Joseph Blake

Oak Bay