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Letter: Sidewalk discussion not confusing

Letter writer should stay on task in sidewalk discussion

Re: Letter misses key points of road, sidewalk use, Oak Bay News, Nov. 4

I note Keith Sketchley’s response to my letter of Oct. 28 and am content to acknowledge that if I criticize him, then he has every right (and I welcome it) to respond.

But please Mr. Sketchly, do let’s both stay on target with the subject so as not to veer off into never never land, otherwise neither of us will meet the 300 word target set by our editor.

As examples, I would ask what possible relevance do Washington State laws or what goes on along Galloping Goose have to do with the sidewalks of Oak Bay?

I thought we were discussing the suggestion of allowing (encouraging even) cyclists on these sidewalks.

Furthermore, I of course note that in your original letter, nor did you mention the topics you accuse me of omitting!.

No sir ... Derrick Johns does not mis-represent  the situation of conflicts on sidewalks ... or at least not as much as you seem to confuse and complicate them.

Derrick Johns

Oak Bay




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