LETTER: Saanich shouldn’t be peddling e-bike rebates

It seems a little rich that the District of Saanich has earmarked $200,000, plus an unknown cost for staff time, to provide incentives of up to $1,600 to buy e-bikes.

It argues that if e-bikes are made more affordable for up to 300 people, families will be able to utilize them as a climate-friendly transportation option that shrinks transportation costs, to enhance their fitness and help the environment. This pricey pilot project is the only one in B.C., and it’s no wonder.

If those were truly the objectives – as opposed to greenwashing and attracting municipal votes in a run-up to a municipal election year – a lot of ordinary bicycles could be bought for $200,000.

Better still, a heck of a lot of ordinary used, completely green bicycles could be bought – without lithium batteries that need to be replaced every couple years – refurbished and then donated to needy residents.

The priority shouldn’t be social engineering, but focusing hard-earned property tax dollars on improving substandard transportation infrastructure.

Stan Bartlett, past-chair

Grumpy Taxpayer$ of Greater Victoria