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LETTER: Residents had lost faith in Langford’s former mayor and council


Having read Langford Mayor Scott Goodmanson’s and former mayor Stew Young’s interviews in this week’s Gazette, I observed a few interesting things.

I was unaware that Langford did not have initiative and plans for transportation, urban management, forest management and asset management, as pointed out by Mayor Goodmanson. All extremely important, in my opinion. I was also encouraged by his thoughts that change must come slowly, while at the same time, continuing on with processes already put in place by the former mayor and council.

I can’t imagine the struggle they have had trying to learn all the ins and outs of their hugely important jobs at the same time as doing this with no experience. I am sure, given the time to get a handle on things and show what they can do, they will be ready for the next election.

Former mayor Young’s reasons for losing the election are quite true. He had lost touch with the electors. And the fact that he stepped back and watched, rather than come forward and offer help and advice as to how things need to be done, is not what usually happens. When handing over power most politicians offer a helping hand to the inexperienced incoming officials.

There were several reasons he and all but one member of his council were voted out. There was little to no consideration for the opinions of the public, if they ever got the chance to be heard. Tall buildings continued to be built, with no greenspace or playground area allocated for the resident families. The infrastructure seems to have been an afterthought left to the new mayor and council. Now we are having to put up with all the costs and inconveniences that go along with it.

He is proud of all the recreational facilities built for the residents. The problem is, there is very little for people to do that doesn’t cost money in this high-rent era.

Saying “It’s all about listening” did not happen during his reign. I know, I lived through it during his last term when things stopped being for the good of the people of Langford and more about the good of his pals and the developers.

I raised my children in “dogpatch” and it was a wonderful place to grow up. And Mayor Young was much admired and voted for then. Do they not wonder why they, all but one, got voted out? What made people lose faith after all the good years? I know – do you?

Wendie O’Neill