Letter: Oak Bay streets need action now

Oak Bay should be building safe, multi-user streets

Re: McNeill Avenue action needed now, Jan. 11; re: McNeill speeders must be stopped for residents’ safety, Oak Bay News, Your View, Dec. 21,

Thanks to both D.J. Agar, and to A. Flack for your letters.

I too have contacted mayor and council numerous times over recent months imploring council to implement safe multi-user streets.

As Agar states, speeding motorists put pedestrians, children, family pets and cyclists in jeopardy. And implementing a modern “complete street design” would bring Oak Bay streets up to regional standards of safety.

One certainly wonders at the lack of improvements to our streets in Oak Bay. After all, our municipality and council enjoy three critical advantages.

Strong community support was voiced for the complete streets transportation vision in the Official Community Plan.

Oak Bay has nearly $1 million set aside in financial reserves, that can only be spent for street-based improvements.

Moreover, the Capital Regional District, the province, and ICBC would provide matching funds to leverage all dollars spent by Oak Bay.

Over the last two years council has hired six senior managers with energy, enthusiasm, and broad experience.

The new director of engineering services brings professional engineering, and well-honed project management skills to Oak Bay.

Oak Bay should be contributing its fair share to the regional transportation network.

There are no road blocks, detours, or traffic jams preventing council from taking action.

Let’s go Oak Bay!

Gerald Smeltzer

Oak Bay