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LETTER: Langford mayor steamrolling his opposition

I was disappointed by Mayor Stew Young’s comments, particularly his tone and choice of language. I have been a homeowner in Langford for 15 years (long enough for my opinion to be considered legitimate by Mr. Young?) and certainly do not live in a “$2 million” house – maybe 30 per cent of that figure.

Mr. Young seems personally affronted by the opinions of others that do not mirror his – like a young boy with his nose out of joint. Perhaps it’s time for Mr. Young to grow up and realize that not every citizen falls in line with his every position, but those positions also have validity. His comments are not what I would expect from an experienced leader of a fast-growing city. He should listen to and govern for the whole community – not just those that support his vision without question.

Mr. Young talks about an affordability crisis, but we are also in the middle of an environmental crisis and razing hillsides of every tree in sight has an impact too.

It is not that Langford is not a desirable place. It is, and Mr. Young can take credit for much that has helped make it so. But his aggressive policy of growth at seemingly any cost is making it less desirable for many people and demonizing those folks is not the appropriate approach.

Mr. Young has many ‘guesses’ as to why some people favour slowing the pace of development in Langford. Perhaps his ‘guesses’ are just that – uninformed opinions intended to back up his pre-determined approach. Perhaps Langford should survey its residents to find out what they really think – and not just rely on his vague ‘guesses’ to drive policy. My personal ‘guess’ is that he does not want to know and would prefer just to steamroll ahead.

There is a segment of our community that, while not against development, would prefer that more than just a dollar sign be considered. A true leader would attempt to understand such a position, and perhaps have it bear some consideration in future decisions – not act like an insulted schoolboy.

Woody Turnquist