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LETTER: Keep amalgamation process free of political interference

Again we have a mendacious public proclamation by Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes that changing Saanich from a ‘district’ to a ‘city’ designation would maintain its independence and cost less than amalgamation.

Since he does his utmost to stall the 2018 voter-approved Citizens’ Assembly (CA) process, ensuring that it took more than the 2019 calendar year just to agree with Victoria on a CA terms of reference, on what basis does he justify this cost claim? We have yet to hear from an independent CA study on the true benefits or costs of unification with Victoria.

It’s clear that Haynes’ unsuccessful attempt to cancel the CA process in April has not deterred him from additional obfuscating tactics, even as he continues to assert he has no bias. Back then, the outraged public generated a swift rebuke and rejection of his council motion.

All the more reason for the residents of Saanich to continue to be just as pressing and persistent that their wishes at the ballot box in 2018 and in 2014 are finally respected through a independent, unbiased CA process, free of political interference.

Lesley Ewing

Oak Bay