Letter: Jensen pitches plant to the wrong paper

More needed to get governments to change flawed thinking

Re: Time to give McLoughlin another look, Oak Bay News, Jan. 27

Isn’t Nils Jensen’s pitch for building a sewage plant at McLoughlin point in the wrong newspaper?

The Victoria News is distributed in Esquimalt, not the Oak Bay News.

Given the rollover that Barbara Desjardins would have to make to accept a reversal of what she won re-election on, Jensen’s pitch seems dependent on not having to process the West Shore’s growing sewage volume.

I suppose there are ups and downs of volume due to additional treatment stages and more population density in Victoria and Esquimalt, perhaps offset by technology improvements.

Missing from Jensen’s pitch is what Oak Bay is doing about its combined sewage and storm runoff system.

Perhaps fixing that would give a significant reduction in volume.

Unfortunately Jensen continues his fire sale pitch of meeting funding deadlines, with no mention of getting higher governments to correct their flawed regulations.

Keith Sketchley