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Letter: Group helping preserve Oak Bay

Oak Bay Watch working hard to get information out to residents

I have lived in Victoria for many years. My friends and I still love to come and shop in Oak Bay and have lunch or coffee.

Usually we take a stroll through the beautiful streets and gardens and have a wonderful time. But I must say, things have definitely  changed over the last few years. The beautiful character homes are disappearing we have noticed, as well as their gardens.

Now as a resident of Saanich, I have discovered that we have numerous community groups that meet once a month, representing their neighborhoods and interacting with council.

I have learned that there is a similar community-minded organization in Oak Bay, Oak Bay Watch.

People love the charm of this rare community and I am now watching this group’s website with great interest.

Clearly these people love their community and put a great deal of effort into making sure that critical information is available to everyone.

Joan Williams



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