Letter: Deer decision penny wise, dollar foolish

The issue of urban deer is getting worse and needs to be addressed

Re: Remember those who cut deer dollars, Oak Bay News, May 6

Thanks to Brian Jones for reminding me that I too am upset by these four council members for letting themselves be bullied by the pro-deer lobby.

I think that their decision is penny wise and dollar foolish.

The issue of urban deer is not going away, but is in fact getting worse.

At some point in the future, and soon I hope, this issue is going to become unavoidable.

Thanks to Coun. Eric Zhelka, Tom Croft, Michelle Kirby and Tara Ney, there will be no funds available to do very much.

As I see it, their abdication of responsibility is going to make the situation not only uglier, but much more expensive in the future.

Truly a ‘dear’ decision.  To the four of you, don’t expect my support at the next election.

Ed Walker

Oak Bay