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Letter: Council wearing blinders on deer cull issue

UWSS facts are based on science and should be considered

I read the very informative letter from Kristy Kilpatrick of the UWSS in the Oak Bay News. As an outsider (Victoria city) I have been following the deer story since day one. The facts given by the UWSS are based, as she writes, on science and are not being created by a bunch of ignorant deer huggers.

At the same time I have been looking at many articles about controlling the deer population in North America. I could be wrong but after extensive searching I did not find a single case that proves deer culls are succesful.

I have also listened to the mayor’s side of the story and his facts do not always add up. The UWSS has spent a lot of money on this project and were at one time promised additional funding from the municipality who also agreed to support funding from the province.

For some reason that latter item which was on the municipal council agenda was delayed.


The mayor and council are wearing blinders in this case and seemingly refusing to budge. Rather than go through the rhetoric and false reasoning, why don’t they just admit that they want to cull?

The cull last year was a disaster and the mayor, although supported by no one outside of council, thought it was a success.

As I wrote, how much longer are the residents of Oak Bay going to be exposed to this charade?

Harold Desjardins