Letter: Controls better for people and the deer

An urban setting in conflict with cars, residents and other animals is not good for wildlife

Re: Residents’ wildlife concerns ‘inane,’ Letters, Oak Bay News, Oct. 21

I confess I am “inane” and “insane” – as judged by letter-writer M.W. Robertson – and a “deer hater” as defined by another letter-writer.

Yes, I believe it possible that a deer might injure our young grandchild, given three houses from our Falkland Road home a deer injured a dachshund, a deer killed a dog three blocks away, and an aggressive deer looking for her dead (car-struck) fawn stalked me to my front steps.

Yes, I think sterilization or a cull would be safer for our grandchild, but also better for the deer.

Animal control could not find or treat the deer that I reported injured by a slowly driven car one summer’s night on MacNeil Avenue; I imagine it died a slow and painful death.

Valerie Craig

Oak Bay