Letter: Better care needed for golf course boulevards

Shared maintenance would make a big difference for residents and visitors

Oak Bay has one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.  Beach Drive is a scenic route which goes through the golf course.  It is highly used by locals walking, runners and tours.

But, the boulevards on this drive are a sad portrayal of Oak Bay, the Victoria Golf Club and Victoria.

The boulevards are left to grow into very messy verges with long untamed grasses, wild and very unattractive bushes, and grass growing over the far too narrow sidewalks.

Even without the encroachment of the grasses the narrow sidewalks cause the heavy foot traffic to constantly step onto the roadway.

Oak Bay has told this writer that neither Oak Bay nor the golf course takes responsibility for these boulevards.

Yes, everyone can see that.

These boulevards should be kept at high international standards with the grass mowed at the standard of a good lawn, the bushes should be dug up and destroyed (yes they include broom.)

The sidewalks ideally should be widened to double the present width. But, alas no one cares or is willing.

A suggestion is that both Oak Bay and the Victoria Golf Club take responsibility and split the cost of improvements and maintenance equally between them.

There, not so bad is it?

John Bowron

Oak Bay