Incumbents’ voting history would help electors decide

Oak Bay News should publish record of how each councillor voted before elections

Re: Who are the people behind campaign signs? (Letters, Nov. 16)

I totally agree with Hally Hofmeyr’s assessment that, based on campaign pamphlets and safe answers to questions at all-candidates meetings, there is little way to tell candidates apart. The candidates do differ, however, especially the incumbents. The voters deserved to know before the election how they voted over the past several years. I am tired of this information being kept hidden.

In a democracy, we have a right to know how our elected representatives voted. The Oak Bay News should publish the results of most (if not all) votes at council meetings and then compile the votes on important issues during election campaigns. This would be far more useful than reading how various candidates answer the “why should people vote for you?” motherhood question.  It would help to reveal the true colours of incumbent candidates.

Thomas Ovanin

Oak Bay