Editorial: Oak Bay youth say YES to success

Saluting the example set by Oak Bay's Young Exceptional Stars

It seems like in virtually every issue of the Oak Bay News, we bring you stories of local young people doing amazing things.

From sports and music to academics and activism, so many of our youth are engaged in their community and striving each day to reach their goals, whatever that may mean for them.

This month, the district presented 12 of those youth with 2016 YES Awards.

This year marked year nine for the awards, founded to emphasize the positive achievements of Oak Bay’s young people – Young Exceptional Stars, or YES – by recognizing those who have distinguished themselves in such areas as volunteerism, arts, citizenship, academics and athletics, as well as those who have overcome obstacles to achieve their goals.

Highlighted in Friday’s edition of the Oak Bay News, this year’s stars run the gamut from an exceptional 14-year-old digital artist and graphic designer – not to mention skilled business person – to a Grade 6 student who has overcome significant personal challenges to demonstrate remarkable growth in all aspects of school life.

We learned of those who give freely of their time to help others here at home and farther afield and those who set significant goals for themselves and diligently work to exceed them.

What amazing stories will the 10th anniversary awards bring?

For now, join us in saluting all of these Young Exceptional Stars, for the example they set not only for their peers but for all of us.