Due dilligence lacking

Council failed to look at the science available, consult the public and implement alternative measures to control deer numbers

I attended the Oak Bay council meeting where the deer cull pilot project was discussed and approved.  One reader claims that the decision was not taken lightly.  I clearly remember one councillor at that meeting admitting their ignorance of the term “cull”.  And that was supposed to be an informed decision not taken lightly according to the reader?

Oak Bay council did not do its due diligence in researching the issue, looking at the science available, consulting the public and implementing alternative measures.  This was true at the time of the vote and is still true now at the time the killing is being carried out in spite of Mayor Jensen’s claims.

I recently sent two letters to mayor and council on the deer issue.  Only one councillor had the courtesy to reply by saying that the options available for longer term solutions were being researched.  Too little, too late.

Prof.  Nabhraj R. Spogliarich