Dirty power sullies electric car value

Powering batteries with fossil fuel-generated power negates green factor

Re: Putting gas in the past (News, Jan. 20)

“Fossil fuels are a prehistoric notion for electric vehicle owners” is a bit hard to swallow.

As we all know, B.C.’s current output of ‘clean’ hydroelectrically generated power has long ago been swamped by non-automotive users. This means that all new automotive electrical demand is being met by ‘dirty’ electricity, generated from burning – you guessed it – fossil fuels. Coal. Natural gas. Oil.

Every time I think about buying an electric car, I start to think about the fact they are coal-powered. I will have to wait until I can find a photovoltaic panel on my garage that will support my charging needs, or wait until B.C. Hydro gets the new Site C dam built.

Then I will feel like I have made an environmentally responsible decision. Until then, I would be fooling myself. And my neighbours.

David Wilkinson

Oak Bay