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Canada map mosaic should be planned into Victoria’s Ogden Point redevelopment

Element would be a great attraction for visitors both local and out-of-town
Princess Cruises’ Star Princess sits at dock at Ogden Point, the first ship to arrive in Victoria for the 2017 cruise season. One reader says the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority should include a mosaic map of Canada in its plans. Don Denton/Black Press

I have seen various news articles on the Ogden Point site. I believe that if the redevelopment does not include an entire level that features Canada in maps as a mosaic, that could be walked over and wheelchaired over, then a very great possibility will have been missed.

Such a project could be paired with the latest in digital aerial views, stations and a print-out store. This is a necessary level to add to the already sketched-out master plan. The addition of this level will serve both visitors and residents well. Children could say truthfully, ‘today I walked all the way across Canada,’ visitors could find some new places in Canada to visit, students in kindergarten through Grade 12 will have geography classes like no other, businesses will have a go to spot for their aerial views and site maps, and seniors will have a local place to visit and reminisce, perhaps at the “Canada tea house.”

If the desire is to build into the Ogden Point site the greatest degree of convergence possible, then this idea needs to be added to the possible site development plans.

Paul J.S. Beaubien