Bus driver’s sweet demeanor made impact

Oak Bay woman pleased by treatment she received after several months' hiatus from riding the bus

I hadn’t taken the bus since before I went on maternity leave in February, but I found myself very short on time and regretting my decision to walk downtown for lunch the other day.

I live in Oak Bay. As it was dawning on me that I had grossly overestimated my speed and underestimated the time it would take to reach my destination, I saw a bus approaching and I sprinted, stroller bouncing in front of me, to the next stop.

After I boarded, the bus did not immediately continue on its way. I thought the driver was waiting to collect my fare. Already embarrassed and flustered, I felt many times worse when I realized that although my wallet was full of credit cards (plus, oddly, 220 Mexican pesos that I have been carrying for more a year and a half), I didn’t have the fare. I had lots of plastic, but only a handful of pennies in cash.

The driver said, “Don’t worry. I’m just waiting for you to clear the aisle. I can’t continue until the aisle is clear.”

I hadn’t taken the bus with a stroller before. I quickly got out of the way and sat in red-faced shame the rest of the ride in. But in my head, I was composing this letter.

Thanks, bus driver guy. You made my day.

Anne Maloney

Oak Bay