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Hazel Searl

March 9, 2016

January 16, 1990 Hazel Searl married Bill Botten.

They had known each other while raising their families

and, after grieving spouses, found happiness for

19 years. Bill’s sons, Jim (Kristy), Dave (Miriam),

and Don (Janina) were glad to see them travel the

world together and care for each other.

The grandchildren had different relationships

with her, depending on their age. The teens Cheryl

(Jeff) Blatz, Tricia (Tony) Ireland, Micheal (Julie),

and Andrew (Eva) called her Hazel and were glad to

have a new friend. In the middle, Laura (Jock Fanshaw)

and Tim called her Grandma Hazel and she

filled the hole they’d felt at the loss of Granny Botten.

For Greg (Kelsey) and Tori they simply knew

her as Grandma, for they were too young to remember

Granny Botten well. Grandma she was to all of

us for 26 years. Our children, Colton, Caleb, and

Declan Blatz, Thomas and Liam Ireland, Lisa and

Ryan Fanshaw had the privilege of a great grandma,

something so few get.

Goodbye Grandma Hazel. You made our lives

better. You made our grandpa happy. You lived an

amazing century in this ever-changing world, always

caring for the family you’d gained.