Week-long campaign raises funds and awareness for hospice

Walkers from across the region raised more than $44,000 with the Hike for Hospice

If you haven’t started yet, you have one day to tell 10 people about National Hospice Palliative Care Week.

Saturday marks the end of the campaign called “The Power of 10: Let’s talk about Hospice Palliative Care” and encompasses the idea of using social circles to spread the message on the importance of quality hospice palliative care in our country.

“Victoria Hospice has been providing quality end-of-life care for dying people and bereavement support and grief counselling for their loved ones for 35 years,” said Mischelle vanThiel, Victoria Hospice CEO and executive director.

The principles underlining this year’s campaign are simple – everyone is part of a sphere of influence that includes family, friends and acquaintances. Similarly, all individuals within your sphere of influence are connected to their own social circles.

“Each year the community helps Victoria Hospice raise over $3 million to support specialized programs and services,” said vanThiel.

Last weekend walkers from across the region raised more than $44,000 with the Hike for Hospice, which will be matched by Rudi Hoenson, longtime donor and supporter of Victoria Hospice, bringing the total to over $88,000 to provide care and support to patients and their families.

Thursday in Oak Bay people lined up for the popular art exhibition: A Little Something…in May at The Avenue Gallery, with proceeds going to the hospice.

Next month features the 10th annual Teeny Tiny Garden Tour, June 14, a Victoria Hospice signature event that features 10 incredible private gardens, including those in Oak Bay.

“We are urging people to spread the message by sharing our National Hospice Palliative Care Week resources and speaking to 10 people – friends, family, acquaintances – about the importance of quality hospice palliative care in Canada,” said Sharon Baxter, executive director of the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association. “We are then asking you to ask those 10 people to speak to 10 people and so forth.”

Visit victoriahospice.org to learn more about the local organization.