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WATCH: Final thoughts before the 75th Swiftsure Yacht Race

Nautical stories and racing strategies of some of the 200 crews heading out to sea Saturday

With only one more night before the 75th annual Swiftsure International Yacht Race, skippers and their crew members are putting the final touches together on their vessels.

Masts and lines were checked, rudders are ready, and the sails are set — they’re just waiting for some good wind.

Some participants have been competing in the race for nearly 50 years, like Doug Fryer, who said the race is a great challenge and that’s why he’s always coming back, although nautical technology has certainly changed over the years.

“We used to go out there, search around in the fog and we were not allowed any electornic navigation equipment; now it’s required,” he said.

Some boats carry their own story themselves, including “The Dragonfly” which gained fame in Thailand after being featured in a cigarette commercial.

Along the docks of Victoria’s Inner Harbour, many characters could be seen getting ready, including some pirates who have voted themselves mascots of Les Chevaux Blancs.

When asked what their team’s strategy is for winning the race, Phillip “Chinnegan” Chin had an enthusiastic response.

“Try to get rid of all the beer they can!” he said with a grin.