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Want to do important research? This Victoria college ranks high in Canada

Camosun College lands at number 32 on a top-50 list
The campus at Camosun College. (File Photo)

By Ella Matte, contributor

Camosun College in Victoria has been ranked 32nd among Canada’s top 50 research colleges, according to the group Research Infosource Inc.

The college placed second in research intensity and sixth in research income growth when last year Camosun did not make the top-10 on either list. It was an extensive school year for the college as the growth between this year and last was quite a jump. The growth increased by 81.3 per cent.

Camosun was ranked among a few factors for the size of the school. For medium-sized colleges, they ranked fifth for completed research projects having 20 competed. They were 13th for research partnerships and paid student researchers. Camosun had 47 research partnerships and 24 paid students.

A majority of the research took place at the Camosun Technology Access Centre. The school excelled in areas of Natural Sciences and Engineering Research for the Council of Canada (NSERC) and the Canada Foundation of Innovation (CFI) for medium colleges.

For research income, Camosun ranked fourth for CFI generating $1,024, and 11th for NSERC generating $2,168. The college ranked even higher in the category of research income as a per cent of the total college research income. NSERC was third with a per cent of 34.8 and CFI was also third was a per cent of 16.4.