POLICE NEWS: 62-year-old caught smoking pot

Residents awaken to intruder

Residents awaken to intruder

A resident on the south side of the municipality woke to the sound of someone in the kitchen of the single family home on Aug. 25.

The resident called out thinking it was their son. Food on the counter, and no person in sight, determined it was not the son.

Police say it appears someone came in through the unlocked front door when the family was asleep then fled when the resident called out.

Pot smoking stopped at Willows beach

Officers on foot patrol smelled marijuana Aug. 21 as they walked Willows Beach around 2 p.m. They found a driver of one of the vehicles parked on the esplanade smoking pot.

The 62-year-old man was issued a 24-hour suspension and his vehicle was impounded.

Police issue 90-day suspension

An Aug. 23 road block netted a man a 90-day licence suspension after a roadside screening.

Police also impounded the 38-year-old man’s vehicle.

Vandals hit Willows school

As a new school year approaches, Oak Bay police are investigating an arson to Willows elementary.

Around 2:30 a.m. on Aug. 25, police were called to the school where youths were seen spray-painting the north side of the building.

Police seized items discarded by the fleeing suspects.