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PODCAST: Jessica James, commercial pilot and a high-flying member of ‘Lost Car Rescue’

TODAY IN B.C.: A role model for young women, within a male-dominated industry

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On this International Women’s Day edition of ‘Today in BC’, host Peter McCully chats with Jessica James, commercial pilot and co-star of The History Channel’s ‘Lost Car Rescue’.

Jess, who grew up in Nimpo Lake and currently lives in The Okanagan, is a role model for young women, demonstrating a taste for adventure and a drive for success within a male-dominated industry.

Despite only 6% of all private pilots in Canada being women, Jess successfully obtained her private pilot’s license in 2013 in Victoria, B.C., and her commercial pilot’s license in 2017. Since then, she’s achieved multiple endorsements for flying.

James was asked what the most impactful moment in her young career was to date.

‘I was flying with Harbor Air Seaplanes and I was helping a lady get off of the flight, she was of an older generation and she was very sweet and she didn’t know me, but she took the time to tell me that she was very proud of me for being a pilot because she didn’t have that opportunity when she was my age and that will always stick with me. I can tell you exactly where I was standing when she told me that’.

As seen on ‘Lost Car Rescue’, she now uses her skills to fly over remote areas of Canada, scouting and recovering rare classic vehicles that have been abandoned or lost to time.

McCully asked James what her favorite area was to fly over.

‘One of the really cool things about this job is that I get to fly in some really neat places and places I would’ve never visited in Canada if it wasn’t for the show. So I just try and stay present in all of those places that it leads me and I guess my favorite place continually changes’.

As well, James talks about the new season of ‘Lost Car Rescue’ where she pilots a team of car-hunters who travel by air and land to uncover vehicles.

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