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Oak Bay’s voter turnout highest in 10 years

Voter turnout in Oak Bay significantly higher than provincial average
Oak Bay’s first all-candidates meeting for the 2018 municipal election, held Sept. 22 at Monterey Recreation Centre. (Keri Coles/News Staff)

Oak Bay residents sure showed their level of engagement at this year’s municipal election.

Over 53 per cent of eligible voters in Oak Bay cast a ballot, according to CivicInfo BC – significantly higher than the provincial average of 36 per cent.

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Oak Bay also had the highest voter turnout for the municipality in the past 10 years. Both at the 2014 and 2011 elections, voter turnout in Oak Bay was at 44.3 per cent; and in 2008, it was down at 36.8 per cent.

Bigger cities saw turnouts largely in line with the provincial average, which has hovered around the mid- to low 30s for the past few elections. In Victoria, where incumbent Mayor Lisa Helps held onto power, 45 per cent of voters turn out.

The total number of votes cast this election in Oak Bay was 7,232, while the number of eligible voters is 13,499.

Attendance was also high at the three all-candidates meetings held in Oak Bay this year. All seating, standing room, and even the corners behind the candidates’ tables were filled with residents at the Monterey Recreation Centre, where the first meeting was held.

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- With files from Katya Slepian and Keri Coles

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