Oak Bay wastewater sites get ‘yellow’ designation

Only two ‘feasible sites’ remain for wastewater treatment in Oak Bay

Oak Bay is essentially off the table for sites conducive to potentially host regional wastewater treatment.

After public input the Capital Regional District released information showing how the potential sites fared under further scrutiny, offering an easy-to-decipher colour-coding of how sites fared using green, yellow and red.

“The only two sites that remain for consideration in Oak Bay – they’re yellow lights – are Windsor Park and the Turkey Head parking lot at the Oak Bay Marina,” said mayor Nils Jensen.

“They are still under consideration as feasible. More work is being done with respect to them. The rest of the sites in Oak Bay are no longer under consideration.”

Oak Bay, Saanich and Victoria offered a list of potential places “technically feasible” to site wastewater treatment projects in each community.

Each municipality, together called the Eastside Select Committee, brought forward potential sites as part of the public engagement process expected to end with selection of a site or sites by late summer.

Publicly owned land in Oak Bay deemed feasible were all parks: Henderson, Carnarvon, Willows, Fireman’s, Windsor, Lafayette, Anderson Hill, Walbran, Trafalgar and the Turkey Head Walkway.


The filtering process took into consideration public priorities and emerging technological, social, economic and environmental considerations.