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Oak Bay prepares to reinforce failed Bowker Creek bank

Eight-foot high section eroded over time before it slid into waterway Thursday

Staff in Oak Bay are looking to reinforce a section of Bowker’s bank after it slid into the creek Thursday.

Banks of the waterway are six to eight feet high, built up years ago to create the adjacent parking lot at Oak Bay Recreation Centre. Along the section, streaming water has been eroding that bank for years, explained Steve Rennick, manager of engineering.

On March 24, he met with geotechnical engineers to asses stability, and the next day met with biologists to assess best practices to protect the environment of the riparian area while removing the displaced soil.

The district alerted residents after blocking off three or four parking spots in the upper lot between Oak Bay High and the recreation centre. The parking spots are adjacent to the section of bank that slid into the creek.

While still awaiting the geotechnical report, Rennick said likely repairs will entail boulders to reinforce that section and any others that require proactive support.

Parks crews cleared vegetation starting Friday, to allow work in the area.

Much of the rest of Bowker Creek as it runs through Oak Bay is either encased in concrete and pipe, or has sloped banks.

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