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New 2-wheeled vehicles approved as Oak Bay police fleet begins shift to electric

$10,000 for e-bikes included in approved 2022 police budget
The Oak Bay Police Department is close to getting its first electric patrol vehicle into service. (Ray Bernoties/Twitter)

A pair of e-bikes are slated to cruise Oak Bay streets in search of both bad guys and good opportunities.

Council recently approved the 2022 Oak Bay Police Department budget that includes a pair of two-wheeled electric patrol units instead of one with four wheels. The bikes roll in at $10,000 of the department’s $5.6 million budget.

Officers are already trained and heavily use five mountain bikes for patrol. Traditional bikes, however, can limit how quickly an officer can get from one call to another.

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The department also plans to track the impact electric bikes have on vehicle usage.

Adding the two e-bikes shifted another four-wheeled electric vehicle for another look in 2023. The department has one e-vehicle in its patrol fleet, and is committed to a full shift to electric.

The technology inside vehicles will also be replaced next year with five computers slated at $42,500.

The police budget now becomes one piece in the overall budget council will consider in the new year.

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