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Candidate for Oak Bay council in the election of Nov. 19, 2011
Tara Ney

Tara Ney

Age: 56

Occupation: University professor

Family status: Two grown children, both raised and schooled in Oak Bay. Five generations of Oak Bay residents on mother’s side. Daughter of mayor and MLA, Frank Ney

Political experience: One-term councillor in Oak Bay

Lived in the community: 30-plus years

What is your single biggest issue this election?

Keeping property taxes affordable in the face of increasing costs and infrastructure demands, while realizing our vision of a livable, sustainable community.

How do you hope to solve it?

In this next term, Oak Bay will update its Official Community Plan. This will be a citizen-driven process that will give us a plan so that we can prioritize projects and keep a cap on increasing costs.

What has council done well this term?

We supported and hosted community celebrations like Oak Bay Tea Party, car show, pocket markets, Halloween bonfire, pumpkin carving contest, and the many marathons that make their way through our community. These events both showcase our community and help build positive connections with neighbours and families.

What would you do on council to improve it?

People are frustrated with the way council has been engaging and communicating with them. We need to improve communications by including more diverse representation on council-appointed committees, support neighbourhood associations, and ensure regular communication with the public using town halls and an interactive website.