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CANDIDATE: Bill Carver

Candidate for Oak Bay council in the election of Nov. 19, 2011
Bill Carver

Bill Carver

Age: 54

Occupation: Retired 30-year police officer

Family status: Married with two children

Political experience: No elected office. I have a great deal of expeience dealing with complex political matters related to law enforcement.

Lived in the community: Five years

What is your single biggest issue this election?

Maintaining and if possible enhancing the service we provide to Oak Bay residents without raising taxes.

How do you hope to solve it?

By reviewing expenditures to determine if services that are presently provided can be fiscally improved upon.

What has council done well this term?

Council has been open to the citizens of Oak Bay and have for the most part addressed the issues as they were brought forward.

What would you do on council to improve it?

We are again entering a period of fiscal restraint both provincially and federally. This will likely trickle down to the municipal level as well. This will create the need for firm spending priorities to be established and maintained so the spending is kept in line with tax revenue and community priorities.