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EXPO2017 setting the record straight on Victoria's real estate market

The stage will be set for perhaps the most comprehensive real estate event in Victoria’s history.

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When the EXPO2017 opens its doors at the Crystal Garden on March 11, the stage will be set for perhaps the most comprehensive real estate event in Victoria’s history.

The event will feature 60 exhibits, internationally renowned speakers, a question and answer stage, and the provision of one-on-one consultations for clients who will range from first time home buyers to large scale real estate developers.

It’s all at the initiative of the Women’s Real Estate Network and Legacy Wealth and it comes at a time of unprecedented activity and acceleration of real estate activity in the capital region.

“You can’t open a paper these days without seeing a story about the confusion people are feeling in the real estate market in Victoria. We want to smooth out the confusion and provide some clarity,” said Liza Rogers, co-producer of EXPO2017 and founder of Women’s Real Estate Network (WREN).

“At its heart, this is an educational event . . . telling people what is really going on.”

Rogers explained the numerous changes in the regulations at the federal, provincial and even municipal levels have all combined to create uncertainty in the market, citing the municipal regulations regarding short term rentals as an example of regulations which have muddied the real estate environment.

“The general public is looking at the headlines and doesn’t understand actual data. It’s all being painted with such a broad brush. When media says something has “doubled” they don’t understand that it might mean an increase from three to six of a certain type of sale in a year’s time…or was it 3,000 to 6,000? It makes a difference," she said.

That’s why, she said, EXPO2017 has enlisted a world class list of speakers for the event — experts who are at the top of their respective fields and people with a profound understanding of all things real estate.

Rogers is passionate about the real estate business and, since coming to Victoria some three years ago, she’s made the kind of observations that often result from a fresh perspective.

“Victoria is well situated for the new realities of the economy,” she said. “We have become a global city, despite our modest size. Housing costs have risen exponentially and on some ways it’s become a vanity market. People live here because of the lifestyle and that’s an important driver in the market.”

She points out, as an example of her analysis, the strength of the tech sector in Victoria and the impact that economic driver is having on the market.

“Professionals like those in the tech sector have a choice of where they want to live and work. They, and others who can do their work remotely really enter the Victoria market by choice and not necessity. We have to be prepared to help them find homes here if we want them to stay,” she said.

To that end Rogers cites an improving political climate to encourage development, and said her recent conversations with Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps have given her some insight on the changes to attract developers, who she also expects will attend the EXPO2017 for information and inspiration for new development projects.

“We’re targeting the entire spectrum of people with an interest in real estate — from the first time home buyer, to the investor in a vacation property or rental/revenue property to the large scale developer with a dream of adding to an already great city,” Rogers said.

In addition to the speakers and advisors who will be a part of the EXPO2017, the event will feature some 60 exhibitors. Realtors, homebuilders brokerages, financial coaches, and representatives of master-planned communities will all be on site. Attendees will also find representatives of financial institutions, government agencies, insurance agents, lawyers, contractors, developers, accountants, home stagers, home designers, and representatives of the tourist industry.

In all, it’s a cornucopia of everything and everyone a potential home buyer/investor/developer might need to see.

“This EXPO is the first of its kind in Victoria,” said Rogers. “There have been other, similar events in other parts of the country and we’re playing a little catch-up in Victoria, but we have a great team here, and we’re coming on strong.

Information on EXPO2017 including tickets, times and FAQ’s are all available at


Here are the speakers at the event.

Keynote address - Don R. Campbell

Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) Sr. analyst
best-selling author, speaker

Don R. Campbell is a Canadian-based real estate investor, researcher, author and educator.  He is the senior analyst with the Real Estate Investment Network™, and owner of Cutting Edge Research Inc., both of which have entered their 23rd year of providing unbiased research and analysis on Canadian real estate markets. He and his experienced team are leaders in providing Canada’s most current real estate investment education programs and economic research materials. Don is the author of the many best-selling books, including Real Estate Investing in Canada–the all-time best-selling real estate book in Canadian history.

Richard Dolan,
president, Real Estate Investment Network
Speaker, author, strategic advisor

Richard Dolan is the president of the REIN Group of Companies and CEO of The London Academy of Entrepreneurship. He is an advisor to professional athletes, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and investors on personal excellence. Richard is the author of performance psychology and wealth management books and programs. Richard is the official host for global thought leaders when they tour Canada, including such leaders as presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey, to name a few.

Liza Rogers
Producer, Expo2017, founder of the Women's Real Estate Network

WREN founder, Liza Rogers is known as a connector, consultant, firecracker and force of nature. She’s worked around the world in tourism, hospitality and events for over 20 years and her experience includes Olympic Games, cruise ships, international tour guiding, festival production — well, the list is just too long to mention. Currently Liza can be found in Victoria, B.C. where she works with the Robert Bateman Foundation, hosts an Airbnb and of course works hard with the Women's Real Estate Network to help empower women to own and profit from income generating real estate.

Paul Nursey, president and CEO, Tourism Victoria

Paul Nursey joined Tourism Victoria in January 2014, bringing 20 years of experience in progressive tourism marketing, strategy and branding expert and tourism-related leadership and management. Widely regarded as one of Canada’s top tourism policy minds, Paul serves on the boards of the Tourism Industry Association of British Columbia, the Tourism Industry Association of Canada and the South Island Prosperity Project. He holds a degree in regional planning from Simon Fraser University, has completed the executive development in tourism program from the University of Hawai’i at Mãnoa and is currently tackling the MBA program with the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Peter Kinch,
best-selling author and
award-winning mortgage broker

Peter Kinch is a best-selling author and award-winning Mortgage Broker with 20 years of experience in the mortgage and finance industry. The founder of The Peter Kinch Mortgage Team, he was, in 2009, recognized as the #1 volume producing mortgage broker in Canada by CMP magazine. Paul is also a vice president with Triview Capital, a private equity firm specializing in helping Canadians in their wealth management. He is considered one of the foremost experts in Canada on helping investors develop their real estate and investment portfolios through his trademarked ‘Gap Analysis’ and ‘Action Plan’. Peter is also the author of The Mortgage Minute™, ‘The Canadian Real Estate Action Plan’, and co-author of the #1 best-seller 97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors.

David Goncalves,
founder/mortgage agent
The VINE Group

In David Goncalves’ 15 years in the real estate industry, he has funded approximately $1.5 billion in mortgages. He has consistently been recognized as a top mortgage professional and convention winner year-after-year and, most recently received the presidents club award from the Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada. David is a co-founder at Denova Group, and most recently founded VINE Group, where he leads a team of experience mortgage professionals. David has also been a mentor to many mortgage professionals during his career and always maintains that the industry is a people business, rather than a sales industry. His goal is always to find customized solutions for his client's needs.

Laurie Finnigan
Producer, Expo2017
Co-Founder of WREN, director of operations at Legacy Wealth Income Properties

Laurie is a visionary entrepreneur, active real estate investor and is passionate about helping individuals start building their wealth through real estate investing. Laurie strives to help people establish their own financial legacy by investing in real estate because and believes not only in the financial freedom that comes with acquiring net worth, but in the importance of formulating quality life worth as well. Laurie is the Founder of the Meetup group, Women Investing in Real Estate (WIRE), a group that educates, empowers and encourages women to invest in “income producing” real estate.