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Going for the laugh

Norman Foote will bring his award-winning musical style to a show with the Victoria Symphony this weekend.
Norman Foote brings his musical comedy show The laughing symphony to Victoria this weekend.

Norman Foote will bring his award-winning musical style to a show with the Victoria Symphony this weekend.

Foote will do his best to break up the musicians along with the audience in the show that features Victoria’s Bill Sample, an entertainer recognized in the B.C. Entertainment Hall of Fame.

From Beethoven to Old MacDonald, Foote takes the audience on a light-hearted symphonic adventure in the Laughing Symphony. Engaging songs, clever arrangements and Foote’s gentle sense of humour make the show an original experience.

“I’m so thrilled to be coming back to Victoria,” said Foote. “Of all the presentations I do the symphony show is my favourite.”

The last time Foote performed with the Victoria Symphony was four years ago. “They really bring these songs to life. The Victoria Symphony is fabulous,” he said.

Most of the time Foote performs on his own or with a band, but he likes a bit of variety and enjoys the symphony experience.

“Bill is a brilliant piano player and a brilliant arranger and composer,” Foote said of Sample. “He picks songs that lend themselves to symphonic treatment.”

The show is geared towards kids, but crosses generations, said Foote.

“Comedy cuts through the age demographic. I try to hook young kids to engage and connect with them. When I present songs, something I look forward to is them becoming engaged by the humour. Between the parody and the comedy it works for parents too. The parents laugh harder than the kids,” he said.

Foote thinks kids are still into kids music as well. “Kids are listening to music a lot younger. I think the music has to stand up for itself. My music is laced with folk and jazz, fused together … melody is still king for me.”

Foote’s CD Love My New Shirt won a 2010 Juno for Best Children’s Album. He has written and recorded songs for Disney Records, Shari Lewis, CBC Scoop & Doozie, Max and Ruby and many others. He is currently writing a musical adaptation of Richard Scarry’s Busytown.

Norman Foote will be playing with the Victoria Symphony on Jan. 22 at 2:30 p.m. at the Royal Theatre, 805 Broughton St. Victoria. To purchase tickets, $11 to $30, or for information, contact the box office at 250-386-6121.