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Victoria writer, now photographer, captures Jupiter in daytime shot

Lucky Budd’s image shared nearly 5,000 times on Twitter
Bodes Galaxy 12 million light years away. (Lucky Budd photo)

The excitement is twofold for Victoria man Robert (Lucky) Budd. First, he got the shot he’d been working for, a daytime capture of Jupiter – with one of its moons also visible.

“I am so totally stoked,” he said, taking to Twitter to share the images.

“I have always wanted to do this!! Whoot whoot!!”

The Victoria resident shared the images and sentiment on June 3. By the morning of June 7, it had been shared nearly 5,000 times.

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Budd, a writer and historian who lives just beyond Oak Bay’s borders, is well known for award-winning collaboration books with renowned artist Roy Henry Vickers.

Heart nebula captured by Victoria photographer Robert (Lucky) Budd.

Budd and Vickers, a renowned First Nation artist and storyteller who graduated from Oak Bay High, are the dynamic author duo behind a series of bestselling, breakout board books starting with Hello Humpback!

The photos started in spring 2020 as a COVID-19 project. Budd decided to pursue two things in the lull of social gatherings and events. In April that year, he started learning slide guitar, a work in progress. In July he pulled out his camera, started watching videos online and reached out to the local Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

“I’ve spent the last eight months teaching myself astronomy,” he said.

Four or five months ago he was inspired by a photo someone took of a planet during the day. Budd developed a plan and invested time in the research. When a clear night, followed by a clear day, presented itself, he was prepared.

“It worked. I took this picture of Jupiter and it’s amazing. So I put it online and the response I got was amazing.”

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