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Victoria family celebrates small victories in child’s cancer journey

Kemp family offers community updates as ‘grief comes in waves’
Bash Kemp and mom Liz on his first day of preschool. (Bishops Family Bicycles/Instagram)

“Today things feel good, but grief comes in waves,” one Victoria family tells the world while celebrating cancer-free news for its youngest member.

While celebrating the current health status, they remind the community that young Bishop Kemp still has noncurative cancer.

Bash, then two, was diagnosed after doctors discovered a brain tumour in July 2021. The toddler endured several rounds of chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, and focused radiation before being discharged in April 2022.

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But cancer treatment includes routine scans which alerted them when the cancer spread to his spine.

It is expected to spread, and when it does, survival rates are very low, his dad Robert told Victoria News last fall. Everything now is considered palliative care.

Appointments with his team at BC Children’s Hospital over spring break, and recent scans, happily show no evidence of cancer.

“This is great news. However, Bash’s cancer is noncurative, so while he is currently ‘cancer-free’ he is not cured. Bash has group 3 Medulloblastoma, after initial aggressive treatment, the most intensive protocol you can ‘safely’ deliver to a child, and clear scans, he still had a recurrence. Statistically this means the cancer will return and he has a very low chance for long-term survival. However, we feel fortunate that we were able to treat the recurrence and right now he is healthy and pain-free,” reads a note on the family business Instagram page.

As they did last fall, the family is focused on enjoying their time with the youngster who just started preschool.

“We are doing our best to make memories for our family every day, while grieving for a future he may never see, all the while healing from the trauma of the diseases and treatment over the past 18 months,” reads the note on Bishops Family Cycles, signed by the entire family of five.

The Kemps are grateful for family and close friends to lean on as well as those outside their immediate circle.

“We want to share this because we have such a caring community and so many of you reach out to ask how he is doing, how we are doing, and to offer your support. We appreciate you all for this and we count ourselves as very lucky to be part of this village.”


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