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Pageant a chance for teen to shine

Ukrainian immigrant excited to represent Victoria in national contest
Alexandra Troyan will compete in the 2014 Miss Teen Canada Globe pageant in Toronto this summer.

Alexandra Troyan is a busy Grade 11 honour roll student at Oak Bay High school who is following current affairs as they unfold in Ukraine – she is also excited to represent her adopted country of Canada in the 2014 Miss Teen Canada Globe pageant.

Troyan, 17, was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine and moved to Canada when she was eight years old. With a bilingual background, she supports cultural diversity and globalization. The need to focus on global peace and understanding is all the more meaningful for Troyan right now given the concerning events happening in Ukraine.

“Events like this pageant really bring together Canadians of diverse backgrounds and help us better understand different perspectives,” she says.

Troyan is actively fundraising to offset significant costs to travel to Toronto this summer and participate in the Miss Teen Canada Globe pageant. She has a part time job, is an athlete and actively volunteers in a variety of school clubs and initiatives.

“I am grateful for any help local businesses and individuals are able to contribute to support me pursue my dream,” Troyan says.

Excited to represent Victoria at the national pageant, she expects the opportunity to gain public speaking experience will help prepare her for a future career in marketing.

“I want to promote the importance of confidence and be a positive role model for youth – especially for my little sister,” she says.

If you wish to donate or assist Troyan in her journey to the competition, call 250-532-3334.


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